Happy Feast of Thomas a Becket!

For my Lord I am now ready to die,
That His Church may have peace and liberty.
  -- T.S. Eliot, "Murder in the Cathedral"

But his name is Thomas Becket, not Thomas a Becket.

You're thinking of Thomas à Kempis. :)
[Image: bec01_zps6e7643af.jpeg]
The Martyrdom of Thomas Becket
...The wicked knight leapt suddenly upon him, cutting off the top of the crown which the unction of sacred chrism had dedicated to God. Next he received a second blow on the head, but still he stood firm and immovable. At the third blow he fell on his knees and elbows, offering himself a living sacrifice, and saying in a low voice, 'For the name of Jesus and the protection of the Church, I am ready to embrace death.' But the third knight inflicted a terrible wound as he lay prostrate. By this stroke, the crown of his head was separated from the head in such a way that the blood white with the brain, and the brain no less red from the blood, dyed the floor of the cathedral. The same clerk who had entered with the knights placed his foot on the neck of the holy priest and precious martyr, and, horrible to relate, scattered the brains and blood about the pavements, crying to the others, 'Let us away, knights; this fellow will arise no more. --Edward Grim





Here's the whole movie if anyone wants to watch it:


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