Daily vitamins?
(01-14-2013, 02:50 PM)Zedta Wrote: Its a fine line, but the base of that line is that you shouldn't take iron supplements if you are male and have an otherwise normal Hb/Hct. Besides, they can constipate the heck out of you.

Lol yes, I absolutely agree there.
(12-30-2012, 04:50 PM)Heinrich Wrote: Guardian, here is my daily cocktail of goodies:


I also eat two organic apples a day and two organic spinach salads with Kirkland brand organic virgin olive oil. With the exception of this past week and most Sundays, I keep sugar to a 0 and eat two slices of Rudi's organic bread and/or organic wheat pasta along with organic meats and almonds. Breakfast is usually three or four free range and/or organic hard boiled eggs.

How do you use apple cider vinegar? Is it better than red vinegar?
I mix it with my electrolyte drink. Yes, follow the link I provided.
vitamin b complex, fish oil, d3, c, q10
I'm new to the group. I had been active in Catholic Answer's group. 

I had mysterious health problems for many years so spent much time looking for leads.  I'm rather geeky so don't mind reading articles and even research papers on the subject.    

I am often trying to loose a few pounds and so eat less food.  This results in less nutrition as well as fewer calories.  So I try to make up for the loss in nutrition by taking some supplements.
There are a number of sites I've found helpful when looking for leads about supplements.

Life Extension Magazine.  lef.org.  You can search old issues of the magazine; however I like to read their protocol pages for various health conditions.  You can also search for articles about individual supplements.  This is the list of their "news and protocols" for the mineral, zinc. 

GreenMedInfo also has an excellent search feature.  For example, search for "curcumin + cancer"  You'll be surprised about the amount of research that has been done

Other sites I like for information about supplements:  mercola.com (site of Dr Joseph Mercola), DrJockers.com,  The Institute for Functional Medicine--an association of integrative doctors,  The Linus Pauling Institute at OSU, Orthomolecular.org--their news page is interesting on high dose vitamin C, niacin and other interventions.

Supplements I take regularly:

Multivitamin.  1/2 tablet with two meals per day

Vitamin C--several hundred mg with each meal and before bed.  Humans don't convert glucose to vitamin C unlike most mammals.  Dr. Susanne Humphries--an admirable Christian convert--says a human sized donkey makes more than 10,000mg per day and more when sick.

Vitamin D.  We don't spend as much time outdoors as our ancestors did.  Dark skinned folks who are living far North of the lands of their ancestors are especially at risk for deficiency.    I've had my blood vitamin D tested a few times in my life to make sure I'm okay.  There is a growing list of studies about vitamin D and COVID-19 for example,  

Chromium.  Cr will lower the blood sugar marker, HA1C, in some people.

Various amino acids from protein powder.  I especially like a combination of whey powder and glutamine between meals along with a healthy snack.  This provides fuel for my brain as well as a calming effect on busy days.

I had a heavy metal toxicity problem and so two minerals are thought to be particularly relevant. 

Selenium.  Se is an important antioxidant.  It also is needed to convert thyroid hormone--T4 Synthroid--to the more active T3.  Se binds rather well with a number of heavy metals (HMs) providing some protection.  There is some evidence that the body uses Se to protect the brain from mercury's damaging effects.  The mercury may be from fish, silver-mercury dental fillings, some mercury containing vaccines and many other sources.  This is a clip about a study of ethyl mercury from vaccines on monkeys.  https://youtu.be/pQKglol4OLE?t=1870

Zinc.  Zn is needed for many dozens of processes in the body.  It is in the same column of the periodic table as toxins  mercury and cadmium so there is some competition.  Zn is helpful to the immune system in fighting the common cold.  Life Extension has more on the subject in the search I previously provided. 

Zinc was used along with hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) in some of the COVID-19 studies.  HCQ is thought to move zinc into cells where Zn inhibits an enzyme needed for viral replication.  The admirable, devout Jewish doctor, Zelenko,  of New York had his patient records published.  The high risk patients who received low dose HCQ plus Zn and antibiotic had a greater than 75% reduction in hospitalization in comparison to another doctor in his community. 

The Carlucci study at NYU of zinc along with HCQ and antibiotic in hospitalized patients reported that those receiving zinc had HALF the deaths as those not receiving zinc.  The admirable Dr. Chris Martenson explains in this short clip.  https://youtu.be/EZG64p0RBDI?t=980

For those looking for leads about how to care for your gift of life as well as possible during the pandemic, you won't find much help at the site of the US NIH : (  I hear that Dr Fauci's NIH owns roughly half the patent on the Moderna vaccine.  I suppose they like the pile of $ that will come into their org rather than inexpensive options suggested in various studies.

A group of emergency medicine doctors and med school profs, the Front Line COVID Critical Care association (FLCCC) has been providing protocols for prevention, early treatment and hospital treatment.  I've seen a number of videos by their leaders  Dr. Paul Marik and Dr Pierre Kory.  The following are sites that present and explain the FLCCC protocols.  You won't likely hear about this from corporate media funded by Big Pharma.

Btw, it is interesting that almost all of the doctor's I've found credible during the pandemic have Christian names.  They do not include Fauci.  My best guess is that he is little better than a war criminal.
I take CVS Spectravite multivitamin and mineral and a dissolvable B-12 tablet sublingually because I don't absorb B-12 in my gut.
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I am a 70 year old woman. I take a multivitamin, a vitamin D supplement, a fish oil capsule and preservision Areds 2.
I take a daily multivitamin and ones that supposedly help reduce stress, which actually seem to work.
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I take: Sustained Release Vit. C w/bioflavonoid complex--2,000 mg. twice daily; Vit B Complex 50 mg., 1 daily; Zinc Monomethionine 20 mg., 1 daily; Vit. D-3, 5,000 mg., 1 daily; Potassium/Magnesium Citrate (potassium 140 mg., magnesium 70 mg), 1 daily as prophylaxis against kidney stones; odorless garlic, 10 mg. 1-2 daily; 1 teaspoon liquid fish oil per day; Hawthorn Leaf/flower 500 mg. once daily; Walgreen's Mulitvitamin for people over 50, 1 daily, mainly for the minerals.  Sounds like a lot, but I think it's worth it.

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