Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
(01-01-2013, 03:33 AM)Akavit Wrote: I'd guess it's likely because today's glorification of aberrosexual behavior is sort of like the fatal symptoms of a chronic disease.  Once it shows up, you know the situation is dire (and too late to prevent a tragedy).  Though people have destroyed marriage as a social institution a long time ago with divorce, contraception and abortions, it was possible to maintain at least a veneer of order and respectability.  Stuff like divorce and contraception were rarely shoved into people's faces and unless someone did so, those vices are easily ignored by those who wished to do so.

Under normal circumstances, you'd think that practitioners of aberrosexual acts, abortion and contraception would die off due to the lack of offspring and leave thriving families to take over.  That isn't the case though since they strive get themselves into positions where they can teach their ideas to the children of fruitful couples.

Homosexuals cannot be ignored any longer because they aren't going to allow anyone to ignore them anymore.  They're determined to force their way to social acceptance by demanding marriage privileges (but give nothing in return), demanding that other people's children be indoctrinated in perverse behavior, seeking a lower age of assent and spreading pornography amongst the young.  After all, they cannot carry on their legacy the way others do - by begetting and raising children that take after themselves.  They have to push increasingly bizarre behavior upon all the children in society so they grow up without any moral inhibitions whatsoever when it comes to sex.

I suspect the bishops have simply realized that society isn't going to allow Catholics to ride the fence anymore.  We'll soon have to choose: either give assent to the culture that removes procreation from sexuality or become martyrs.  It's the whole "offer incense to the gods" scenario being played over again.

What happens to the world when everyone is either practicing contraception, aberrosexual behavior or being imprisoned, martyred and having their children carried away for refusing to endorse it?  Obviously that would result in the destruction of humanity through depopulation via a low birth rate.  Really, the only hope now is in God.  Until He intervenes, society will tear itself apart.

Good answer.  But when push comes to shove can you see many of the nervous ordo crowd becoming martyrs?  I cannot see why they would want to do that when the last 40 years have been a long string of capitulations.

They contracepted for an easier life, why would they throw their life away now?

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