Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
(01-01-2013, 04:33 AM)Poche Wrote: Good answer.  But when push comes to shove can you see many of the nervous ordo crowd becoming martyrs?  I cannot see why they would want to do that when the last 40 years have been a long string of capitulations.

Well, guess what?  The Europe that went protestant came from the traditional Latin Mass.  I guess I am one of the 'nervous ordo' crowd because that is the Mass I have daily access to.  I hope to have the grace to be faithful even at the cost of my life.  I have prayed in that manner since before the age of 10,

There has always been capitualtions.  Take the England  of Henry VIII the adultering murderer for example. How many bishops followed him instead of Christ and the Holy Father? 

I rest my case.
As to why this battleground?  More faithful bishops have begun to be chosen.  The true family is a reflection of the Holy Trinity.  The homosexual agenda wil not stop at a fake marriage but will impose itself on all other families.  Incredibly stupid things like getting rid of the terms mother, father, husband, and wife as is happening in Canada and elsewhere.  But we are wired to want and need a real mother and a real father.  We have all kinds of statitstics as to what fatherlessness does in society.  The further destruction of the family with easy divorce, cohabitation, sodomy, etc.  will continue the downward slide of the whole society.

The perversion that sodomy is promoting even to kindergartners twists the minds and psyches of the children.  The pain, confusion, and depression that comes with that and the promiscuity that follows is incalculable.  And not only the death of the soul can be had by the enemy but the destruction of the image of God in family and even in the unborn as the wages of sin is death.  The practice of homosexuality is an intrinsic evil and the result is death-of the soul.

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