Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
(01-01-2013, 04:15 AM)ggreg Wrote: Good answer.  But when push comes to shove can you see many of the nervous ordo crowd becoming martyrs?  I cannot see why they would want to do that when the last 40 years have been a long string of capitulations.

They contracepted for an easier life, why would they throw their life away now?

I think most of them at the moment probably do have the intention of enduring martyrdom when pushed to it but whether or not they will withstand temptation when the time comes remains to be seen.  Historically, it seems that most people don't.  However, the way society is going now, we may be heading into a French Revolution type situation where a satanic government will demand more than the incense offering, but also demand that Catholics drink the blood (not literally) of their martyred brethren.

While I'm not confident that the American bishops are willing to suffer martyrdom, I'm fairly certain they'd be appalled at having to directly participate in the destruction of faithful Catholics.  It's one thing to sin by neglect but another to dip ones hands in blood.

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