Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
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(01-01-2013, 02:57 AM)ggreg Wrote: Personally, I don't get why they see homo marriage as something that will change society significantly  more than other moral declines do.

Because society is headed toward the direction of saying the Church's teaching here is hateful and cannot be tolerared. Hate groups aren't given non-profit status, don't get the hospitals licensed, don't get their schools accredited, and generally people who publicly belong to hate groups have trouble making an income. The Church's other teachings can be dismissed by society as antiquarian, but the Church's stance on homosecuality could eventually lead the Church back into the catacombs.   
I think this is very likely. My wife and I were speaking about this subject just yesterday. I think the tipping point may be when the State tries to force all groups to perform their "marriage ceremonies." My wife predicted that after a law is passed which gives no real exemptions for religious exemptions or otherwise, people will specifically seek out Catholic priests and ask them for a marriage. The real ones will refuse and go to jail - at best.

That is not likely to happen.  Not until being anti-sodomite is as rare as being pro Nazi.

In fact in the legislation over here there are specific protections for all religions and I don't think the religions even needed to fight for them.  The politicians put them in from the word go.  A few psychos have tried to argue against them but they've got nowhere.

There is a MASSIVE number of people who are very pro freedom and very anti political correctness and they would punish a democratic government for forcing acceptance onto any religion.  The tide has turned on that score.  People are increasingly fed up of being told what to think or who to be nice to.

Not to mention the Muslims.  As soon as a couple of homosexuals turned up at an East London Mosque and asked to be married there would be blood on the streets.  They could not force Catholics and not force Muslims and Orthodox Jews.  Those people are small in number but they would riot over something like that, no question about it.

Many people know a homosexual or two and think of them as nice people and productive members of society.  Many people have a family member who is homosexual.  Without religion they think, "why not" when it comes to homosexual marriage?  State marriage is nothing more to them than a government piece of paper like a passport or driving licence.  Nobody here would suggest that homosexuals should not have driving licences or passports and the average secular person thinks the same about civil marriage.  They see no reason that homosexuals should be denied that piece of paper if their government is secular, as it claims to be.
Perhaps I am mistaken, or perhaps things are different in the U.K. than the U.S. However, I do not see there being a concerted effort toward manipulation of clergy and religious institutions in general - even though Mohammedans and Orthodox Jews are strongly anti-homosexual marriage, the media and the homosexual movement do not hate them like they hate Christians and specifically the Catholic Church. The attitude of "if you do not want a homosexual marriage, do not get one" is extremely, extremely prevalent around here, and I have a hard time seeing enough people caring enough to do something about it. I hope I am wrong.

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