Homosexual Marriage. Why is the Church picking this battleground ?
(01-02-2013, 03:58 PM)Tim Wrote: Our Cardinal George chimed in on this calling us all to phone our State representatives and tell them we oppose it's legalization. Kudos Cardinal George.

2 shiny copper's worth. I dilike Hef a ton. He makes my skin crawl and not for the Playboy life he pretends. He is a snake. In the day before he became Playboy Inc, he used to eat lunch at a place called Feast on a Bun. It was a hot dog stand which was smack dab in the middle of gay territory. He was rumored to be queer back then. His marriages to me look like a slithering old demon sucking the life out of a young nubile beauty. I'm revolted.


Those women play along though partly because of the fame and meeting celebritys and partly for the money.  And let's face it, they have probably slept with a couple of dozen or more men BEFORE they make it to his house.

They are all beautiful women and could all land themselves a modestly wealthy youngish husband I've no doubt.  They also want the fame and the celebrity friends.  They have been seduced by that before they deliver themselves into Hefner's clutches.

It's not like they are poor but beautiful young women from Eastern Europe or South America and Hefner is a sex tourist.  Those women from the provinces are facing grinding poverty.  Hugh Hefner's women are nearly all US citizens and have plenty of normal options.

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