What do you personally prefer: low mass or sung mass?
Absolutely the High Mass. My greatest liturgical experiences, have all taken place during sung Liturgy's notably the Ponitifcal DL of Patriarch Sviatoslav, Good Friday Vespers and Burial, Missa De Angelis, et al.
Franciscan Low Mass and also a 'good-ole' silent Low
High Mass for me but with the (young) kids low is fine but it's important they're exposed to Chant from an early age.
Missa Cantata fits the bill nicely and is normally only around 10 minutes longer than a low Mass...depending on the propers.
I like to get HIGH! Solemn Pontifical High Mass :)

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(01-02-2013, 08:50 PM)ImpyTerwilliger Wrote:
(01-02-2013, 08:44 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: High mass or missa cantata.

The low mass only came into existence because not all praishes had the faculty or means to perform high mass.

Mass is not a private devotion, so the idea of low mass being more "personal" is kind of against the spirit of the mass.

Exactly.  However, to be fair, the OP did ask about people's preferences.

There is no such thing as a low Mass in the Eastern Church.  Nevertheless, in practice, the Divine Liturgy can be somewhat scaled down, also because of lack of resources.  In any case, it is always sung.

I agree completely with Mith here so far as his understanding of the Mass.

That said...I have a faulty understanding and also prefer a low Mass.  Specifically, I prefer a private, low mass where I am the only other person present.  I generally sit as far removed as possible from every other person. 

You guys are great on the Internet...but trads in the pews really pi$$ me off a lot of the time, and I prefer not to interact with them.  So...low Mass, in a corner, behind a pillar in the pew with no kneeler and a noisy radiator.  Yup.  Perfect.....
Prefer Sung Mass, but the Low Mass has grown on me.
It is perhaps worthy of note that not every Solemn or Sung Mass is the same.

So those who prefer the more silent, meditative environment of a Low Mass, might be struck that a monastic Solemn Mass or Abbatial Mass would be surprisingly akin to this same sentiment. You would hear well-sung Gregorian Chant, and responses, but without all the crooning that sometimes is the hallmark of parish singing. There would be no over-the-top organ or orchestral interludes or sing-songy hymns. Just the simple meditative and beautiful chant to hear, and the graceful actions of the ministers to witness.

I'll say my preference is for a Solemn Mass with well-sung chant with the whole congregation singing the Common, without overbearing organ, without polyphonic hymns, with some appropriate processional and recessional on the organ. Appreciating the silence of a Low Mass, I've found such a Solemn Mass is even more focusing for concentrating on the liturgy. What bothers me is when the Sung or Solemn Masses turn into a non-congregational singing with sappy organ music and those same old hymns that should have stayed where they originated, in the theatre.
Solemn High Mass all the way. Or even better, Pontifical High Mass at the throne.
I prefer the low mass.  There is a certain majesty to the high mass; it is the most beautiful act of worship that can be offered to Almighty God.  However, in today's noisy world and my stress-filled job, it's nice to go to church and enjoy the almost absolute silence of a low mass. 
(01-02-2013, 06:18 PM)SaintRafael Wrote: A Sung High Mass for Sunday Masses. A Low Mass for weekdays and Saturdays.

This, especially if the Low Masses are of the "quiet" and not "dialogue" type.

Plus Solemn Mass for special holy days.

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