Question about Liturgical Reform
I am collating questions that relate to liturgical reform. Please add your own. I am not looking for answers here, just questions.

What is tradition and traditional in respect to liturgy?

How were past reforms conducted?

What was reformed in the past?

What juridical powers does the Pope have in liturgical reform?

What moral powers does the Pope have in liturgical reform?

What can be reformed?

How can it be reformed?

What are the principles of reform?

What are the realistic expectations of a reform?

How have past reforms resulted?
What actions (if any) does Quo Primum actually prohibit?

Who really wrote The Problem of the Liturgical Reform and what credentials do they have?

Who really wrote the Propers of the New Mass?  Under what conditions?

What is the real story of the 1965 Missal?

Which is the proper emphasis/perspective: what must be preserved, or what must be changed?

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