Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America
(01-07-2013, 11:51 AM)Tim Wrote: This guy is a bit older than me, he's from those few born during the war. At the beginning of the boom, these were the older kids that let me a little kid hang with them up to  point. Because of that I identify with them more than the boomers. All of this is to say I take much of what he said, but he needs to admit Vatican II was as much of a problem as the Societal shift and the Sexual Revolution. I can not see it except as an attack on many levels of Satan himself.

E. Michael Jones in his Slaughter of the Cities show beyond a shadow of a doubt, we Catholics were engineered out of the Parish ghettos. This was purposeful, and intended to main stream us from being "fisheaters" to "mericans.  JFK was an incident on it's own and not because we were accepted by the Protestant Culture which was about to go bye bye. He should remember the undercurrent which ran through this country, making it necessary for JFK to win, to go to those Southern preachers and say what he did. More there is real possibility that hadn't Mayor Daley held back the Chicago votes until the end, to see how many he needed, JFK would have not won. 

It appears to me the thing some of them do not want to admit is changing the Mass no matter the intentions has weakened the Faith. Catechesis follows the Mass, not the other way around. No amount of Holy Hours will fix this. If we are to Adore we need Benediction again in every Parish at 5:30 pm as before. It's not because Benediction is for God Almighty but it focuses us on the Eucharist as free form kneeling could never do. We need for every Catholic to be able to sing O Salutaris Hostia, and Tantum Ergo by rote. This is part of the prescription, it breeds respect for the Body and Blood of Christ.

In conclusion I quit the first one about half way through. He is half right. The Societal changes, no-fault divorce, the Sexual revolution (Enovid-E coming to market), the feminist revolution, and their embrace of abortion by the Party of Death, must be joined to the Vatican II to see what went wrong. It wasn't just the Council, it was all of it. These societal changes are still chugging forward and have a full head of steam. They need to be stopped completely before this can be fixed it as we are attacked by a Hydra, cut off one head and two new ones appear.


I lasted about 5 minutes. Thanks for the synopsis of what you listened to. I sniffed out from the beginning that he was going to be about half-right at best. It was obvious to me that he had no understanding that the Catholic Flight was engineered. At that point, I said to myself, "why bother?".

It may have seemed voluntary at the time. But, it most certainly was not.

Spending two hours skimming the surface is not my idea of time well spent.

I think also that Voris is running out of material. He is repeating himself at this point. He can last a little longer singing to the Trad Choir, with the same repetitious message, but if I am becoming bored with it, it won't be long until most everyone else tires of it.

As I think Voris stated at the beginning, only those keenly interested have a clue that there is a crisis in the first place.

Our ememies are many. And needless to say, they are not limited to the liberals and the Democrats. Voris must start naming them or he will become irrelevant. At least to me.

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