Divine Intimacy, by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene, OCD
Kind of a stupid question.  :blush: I have the Tan Books version.  I think I lost a week somewhere.  Since last Sunday was Epiphany, Chapter 41 on p. 120, where was I supposed to start this week on Monday?  Because Epiphany was immediately followed by the Feast of the Holy Family, Chapter 42 on p. 123, but the Feast of the Holy Family is this coming Sunday. Soooo....did I miss a resumed Sunday somewhere?

I hope this question makes sense.  If not, I blame you.  :tiphat:
It's the same in my Baronius version...but I haven't taken the time to figure it out yet :LOL:
The Epiphany used to be an Octave. You may notice that the Calendar is clear this weak except for Friday. In the old days, it would have been only a commemoration for St. Hyginus, still being within the Octave.

So yes, you are missing a week. So don't try looking for it. Bugnini, or one of his minions, tossed it on the ash heap.

The next time the Epiphany falls on a Saturday, you will find your week back where it belongs. In that scenario, the Feast of the Holy Family would be celebrated on the Sunday the 7th. That's true in the old rubrics as well. The Feast of the Holy Family, in any other year, was always the Mass celebrated on the Sunday within the Octave. 

According to the rubrics in the Breviary I use. The Feast for the Holy Family gets translated to this Saturday to in order to pray the Office of the Octave of the Epiphany on Sunday.

I would further assume that Father Gabriel had written meditations for everyday within the Octave of the Epiphany, but were most likely not put into this book since it was published in 1964.

Thank you for the answer, Adam.  I feared it had to do with 60s liturgical shenanigans.  **sigh**

That calls for a meme.

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