Sharp Increase in Demonic Activity Over the Last Four Years
I thought this was really interesting when I first saw it, I had the same feelings of foreboding election night, myself.
It's a simple question.  You dropping coverage in 11 months?  Or maybe you are single and don't have to worry about it?
(01-29-2013, 06:23 PM)paul11b Wrote: I see it (not literally) everywhere I go.

I have. It ain't pretty.

(01-29-2013, 08:47 PM)BrendanD Wrote: 2. Familial demons are evangelical horseshit (primarily) relating to inter-generational curses. They are not Catholic and they have nothing to do with the "bad angels" that allegedly follow your children around. 

They do exist. They can follow children.
Quote: They do exist. They can follow children.

Professional exorcists who deal with this day in and day out say the same thing.

Wicca, dabbling, secret societies, to hard core satanism is widespread.  Hollywood, New York, and DC are some concentrated places.
Yeah, I've lost most of my family in these last 4 years.  The family I've founded is pretty much the surviving lifeboat.  As the original post discusses, I also feel like the world is swamped with evil, particularly more now than before. 

I understand how the priests want to keep everything discreet.  But I don't see the point anymore. 

By the way, Brendan's a dick.
There truly is a diabolical disorientation going around.  I don't trust anything I see or hear, particularly in the media.  Any trad that thinks they can't be fooled is a fool.  Even the elect may be deceived.

Tim's right.  Pray the Rosary.  Confess weekly.  Go to Mass.  It's all we can do, but it's a lot.
(01-29-2013, 06:50 PM)BrendanD Wrote:
(01-29-2013, 08:57 AM)GeorgeT Wrote: I was working on the night Obama was first elected. When the news came in, you had a sense that more demons were being released from hell. There was nothing that I could specifically say was proof of this. The only thing that was different was that a person almost died and the conditions of other people deteriorated.

So the demons were purring contently in the abyss when George Bush was  launching an elective war in Iraq - literally "shocking and awing" tens of  thousands of people who never threatened us right into their graves?  I should think that evil like that would get Satan aroused...

You're right. Satan loves war. It makes it easier for him to drag more souls to hell.

As, I tried to imply, there is nothing I have to definitively prove Obama=demonic activity. It's not a case I'm trying to make. Just an impression. An impression confiirmed by what these exorcists say and what I have observed. I could be wrong and it wouldn't matter in the least.
Folks may poo poo the idea of pointing out the parallel of Barack Hussein Obama and the rise of demonic activity, but the parallel is undeniable.  The leader of a people is an obvious manifestation of the state of that society. 

Honestly, both times when I saw Obama get "elected" into office, my disgust was not with Obama.  It was with over half of the country.  I mean, it is understandable that the two parties of this single bi-factional puppet party are evil.  But one of them, the Democrat ticket, is clearly and obviously the evil party.  Being fool by the GOP is understandable, but I figure it's time for folks to realize they're phonies and cowards.  But to think that over half of this nation of fools chose the obvious path to evil is unnerving. 

Obama's election is a symbol of the state of our society.  And frankly, I'm disgusted with it.  That's right.  I'm disgusted with over half of the people in the United States.

Now, though I said a president is an obvious indicator of demonic traffic, there's other signs as well.  Hollywood sure does turn out one turd after the next.  Cultural Marxism is everywhere.  What disgusts me is the seeming slowness of people like Rush Limbaugh who react to it all slowly and idiotically. 

Say the rosary every day.  We must.  Every Hail Mary is a sword thrust at a demon.  Demons are fighting people.  We should fight back.

Brown Scapular
Quote: Honestly, both times when I saw Obama get "elected" into office, my disgust was not with Obama.  It was with over half of the country.

Yeah, nothing the crack smoking kenyan known as Captain Choom would do would surprise me.  It is the fact that he got elected.  First in the democrat primary, and second by the nation.  That IS disgusting.  And yeah it really points to how far this nation has collapsed, and how it ain't coming back until after it is severely chastised.

At the end of the day, you have the professionals telling you demonic activity is increasing dramatically.  And if you have bumped into Wicca or satanists, you know why.
(01-29-2013, 09:14 AM)Zedta Wrote: Interesting, and very seriously, I had the same sort of feeling at that time, but thought it just a whim. Then, in the following years, things seemed to get 'darker'. In the eight months following Christmas of 2010, for example, my father, mother and wife all died. I have seen such fragility in other families as well, as if there is a gathering of the good people home. As if, for this evil that is coming upon us, many of the 'good' are being called home so that evil will be more easily allowed to have its way. As if, there needs to be fewer good people around for this evil to finally be made more manifest and present in the world. We all know who it is that 'rules the world'.

Very timely article.

Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry for your "losses"! To have one person that close to you die is Hellish enough, but to have three -- two parents and your wife -- die in such a short period of time -- my gosh. I so hope you're doing well and are at peace. I pray they are all with Jesus right now, just waiting to see you again, Deo volente.

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