Agnus Dei Wax-What do you know about it?
So my godfather and his son were in Rome with the Norbertines this past Christmas, and they brought back a medal for me that contains Agnus Dei wax. They told that old timers would be familiar with this practice that sadly has almost disappeared. Now, I'm not implying anything about anyones' age :grin:, but has anyone here heard about this devotion from the past? Thanks!
I have never heard of this Agnus Dei wax.

It's a very old custom in which the Holy Father would bless wax discs, with the image of a lamb on them, to be distributed to the cardinals and bishops (and redistributed by them however pleased them.)  It was done in the first year of the pontificate, and every seven years after then.  My family has a few fragments of them . . .

[Image: AgnusDeiBlessingoftheAgnusDei-ei1.jpg]
I have received Agnus Dei medals in the past...they are locket-like and contain a small disk of wax.  There are many blessings attached to them, and are especially known to carry blessings that protect a mother in childbirth.

This page on Cukierski explains what the Agnus Dei wax is, and how it's used. Scroll down the page.
Also, it hasn't been done since Pope Pius XII  :(( (AFAIK)

Here's another page explaining it:
I've seen one from Paul VI and from what I've read, his was he last pontificate to issue them.
The Fisheaters website has an article about them too.

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