New Evangelization: Legalize homosexuality, promote civil partnerships
I'm sorry you took that impression from my post Tim.

This seemed pretty plain to me, but I'll restate the quote:

"If a country outlawed homosexuality, I would work to overturn it," he [Archbishop Paglia] said, adding that he believed there are still "20 or 25 countries" that define homosexuality as a crime."

Check the link, but he states in a direct quote taken from the Catholic News Service that he recommends that those who live in countries where homosexuality is outlawed should work to overturn the ban.

Edited: to forestall misapprehensions and fruitless derailing, I clarify that I fully accept that men and women who find they have homosexual temptations are equally dignified children of God. I additionally believe that the majority of them had no 'choice' in the matter, and all those who find themselves with those desires deserve help to live according to the Gospel, and admire the work of Courage in particular on the matter. I also believe that the legalization and cultural normalization of acts and "lifestyles" has been a terrible crime as we are seeing in the West today.

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