New Evangelization: Legalize homosexuality, promote civil partnerships
I read the link, and think that the thinking behind the statements is misguided.  The response to the charge of homophobia is simple:  "Yes, we are homophobic.  We fear that sodomy can result in the soul spending eternity in absolute torment, which terrifies us.  Unrepentent homosexual behavior looks like dancing on the edge of a cliff, to us."

The second response is similarly blunt:  "When have Catholics ever prevented an individual from engaging in an act of sodomy?"  Catholics have preached against it, begged people to desist, withheld their approval of the conduct.  But there has never been a secret police over all Christendom.  There have never been "sodomy drones" circling above to crash down on the suspected sinner. 

The idea that the Church can cut a deal with modern government is incorrect.  The individuals who run these governments, and who own the governments, do not believe what we believe.  In fact, it is the opposite:  they look at the things we like, and they dislike them.  This "children of  God" metaphor is not apt.  The people who frame modern government and direct the operation of society are children of Belial.  They are like the corrupt priestly caste of 32 AD.  They have their agenda, and it is unalterably to the aims of the Church.  The article indicates that the Church advocates nothing less than the exaltation of the sinner over the righteous.  That is the very definition of injustice.

It's time to take a cold shower in the history of the early Church. 


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