New Evangelization: Legalize homosexuality, promote civil partnerships
(02-06-2013, 09:09 AM)JayneK Wrote: He is trying to defend the Church from the charge that our opposition to same-sex marriage is due to homophobia.  He is trying to show that we are not out to get people engaged in homosexual activity but defending the value of marriage.  Most of the speech was good stuff about the meaning of marriage.  Given the situation, that is a reasonable approach.

I just wanted to make clear that the use of the term "homophobia" 90% of the times is unjustified, and just rethoric manipulation to pathologize those who are critics or sceptics about the homosexual ideology. A phobia is an irrational and pathologic fear and aversion, and people who use and abuse the term know that most of their opponents are not really phobics, nor "haters". I know from experience that no matter how reasoned and well informed our opinions are, liberals will not cease accusing us of phobias until we accept all their modern liberal sexuality. I see what this priest is saying exactly as a step towards that end.

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