New Evangelization: Legalize homosexuality, promote civil partnerships
(02-06-2013, 10:43 PM)maldon Wrote: Outlawing homosexuality is like outlawing alcoholism. Dumb idea based on ignorance.
You cannot outlaw sickness. And you must defend the sick against foolish governments. Defending them against being outlawed has nothing to do with condoning the idea of homosexual marriage.

I missed the part where the bishop said we should defend the legal rights of "homosexual couples". If he did say this, it would be ambiguous, but even then not necessarily problematic. It would depend on what exactly he was suggesting we defend, their right to "be homosexuals", which is a right we should defend, because again, you cannot punish illness; or some legal recognition of them as "couples", which I think would be wrong.

Homosexuality is different than Same Sex Attraction, just as Alcoholism is different than Drunkenness.

Same Sex Attraction and Alcoholism should not be illegal.  They do not necessarily consist of full consent of the will.

Homosexuality and Drunkenness however should both be illegal.  Both are immoral and violate the natural moral law.  Both should be criminalized.

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