Catholic Audiobook for the Papal Resignation: The Life of St Celestine V
While Pope Benedicts move is unusual he found a heavenly precedent to do it by looking at the life of St Celestine V, a holy monk forced into the brutal Political life of the Church unexpectedly.If you were unaware when Pope Benedict visited this Saints tomb several years ago he took of his pallium and left it on top of his tomb.

If Pope Benedict XVI has found in St Celestine V an example worthy of imitation, a heavenly friend and intercessor then we should look to him now as well.  I hope that you will use this Audiobook as a means to develop devotion to this great Saint, and that you might pray to him for our departing Pope Benedict XVI and for the next successor of Peter.

Here is a link to the Main page of the Audiobook

Here is a link to the first Chapter
I will be uploading new chapters every day or couple of days.

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