What are you giving up for lent?
(02-15-2013, 09:49 PM)lisetravis Wrote: I'm working on giving up nicotine gum, or at least cutting way back- so far, I'm only using about a fourth of what I usually use.

Were you able to quit smoking with the nicotine gum lisetravis? 
(02-15-2013, 11:03 PM)GodFirst Wrote: I've been able to go to daily traditional Mass so far, and I'm trying to work on my interior and prayer life ... You fellow fisheaters will be in my prayers.

I'm so happy for you!  And thank you for your prayers!
I am giving up wearing gloves on cold days. Won't kill me but it's certainly uncomfortable. Also (since I do the shopping ) not buying any food
Just because I personally would like to eat it only stuff that is generally popular with the crowd. I am giving up all snacking between meals
(tough in the evening) and meat on weds as well as Fridays.
Also all 20 decades a day ( or give it my best shot)  and some extra donations to charity. The news about the pope has really galvanised me this year

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