Papal frontrunners
(02-18-2013, 04:51 AM)pbmsemwa Wrote: They should not elect one from Africa!
That could happen, you never know
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Our main question and foremost concern should be:  will the next pope restore all things in Christ?  If not, then we would just be in an era no different from the last 50 years.  This would essentially entail a new counter-reformation of the Reform brought about by Vatican II, and certainly a new council would be needed to do this.  This new hope of ours won't fly with the pope just changing this and that or that and this.  He must convoke a Council that would counter the errors of the last Council and hold it at Trent, or as I would prefer, the city of Trieste, away from the Vatican and it's modernist commercialism. 

And if he is young enough and believes his pontificate would last at least half a century, then he should take the name Peter.  Or else, Clement would be a good choice, or even Innocent.  Peter the Roman, named to be the last pope doesn't necessarily mean that would be the end of world and of the Catholic Church.  Oh how the enemies of the Church would love to think so!   However, at the very end, when the dust clears after Armageddon, there would be no use for a pope anymore because the whole world would be Catholic, all would belong to the true Faith, as all other "faiths" would be defaced and wasted away.  Whether there will be a thousand year reign of Christ or a hundred years or 10 years won't matter.  The Church would no longer need a Vicar of Christ since Christ Himself would rule, along with His mother.   So "Peter the Roman" as predicted would truly be the "last" pope. 

So then, the first order of things would be the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Sister Lucia once asked Jesus why couldn't He just convert that country as He has the power.  His reply was,
"Because I want My mother to get the credit."  This is one thing we don't realize or think about.  When Mary was crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth and of all God's creation, she was as well given the power that goes with that type of divine royalty.

As I look at the roster of papabiles, my heart sinks.  It will be another ho-hum business as usual, the old same old same old, the same old partyline.  There is not one among the 118 who has the charisma to be the pope who will do God's will.

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