JFK, abortion, and the usual suspects
(02-15-2013, 11:13 PM)Tim Wrote: Burdensome,
You do realize your argument is not substantiated by facts ?  You do need to understand that the world back then was different. No fault divorce, the Enovid-E pill, and abortion were still off in the future when JFK was murdered. Both parties had liberals and conservatives then, it wasn't all on either side. Loking back then and judging by today's light is a mistake. While JFK was a rounder with prettty women, sex as it is today was not the way back then. Richard Daley, the Mayor of Chicago and a Kennedy ally and close friend, fought the downstate pols to keep the pill illegal in Illinois. He was double crossed by the Republicans in 1964.


What does this have to do with JFK's speech in which he publicly announces he will not act as a Catholic in office? 

Burdensome1, wasn't the hierarchy of the Church pretty liberal in the west at that time?  And hadn't that been the case for several decades already?

Does anyone know exactly what it takes to be excommunicated?  I looked it up once and gave up because of the complexity of the issue.

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