After much painful prayer and reflection I announce that...
...on February 28 at 8:00 pm I will become a sedevacantist.  Grin

(Along with everyone else not a follower of Michael I)

I also announce that this condition will cease at the moment a Cardinal elector next states the word "Accepto" while having the floor in the Sistine Chapel.
In a way there's already disagreement over this. I've heard on the tv (can't remember if it was the news or EWTN) that after the 28th Benedict XVI should still be called "His Holiness", but I also just read from Roberto de Mattei that that is wrong and that we should revert to calling him "His Eminence Cardinal Ratzinger". So confusing times these are.
Also it doesn't have to be a Cardinal elector that is elected. A retired Cardinal could be or any baptized Catholic man.
So...I am a candidate for the papacy?  Cool.  8)

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