I have a dream
The next pope…I had a dream – the new Pope is making his first address from Rome to all of the faithful.  He begins by saying that being elected Pope to him, was not a joyful occasion, but instead one of grief and great sorrow.  He goes on to say that the Catholic church, the one true church of Jesus has been going through its agony in the Garden brought on by so many only out to get their thirty pieces of silver while inflicting great pain on the whole body of souls.  Countless souls have been lost through false Ecumenism, poor catechists and the refusals of many Bishops to teach and enforce the teachings of the church.  All of these I will address.
The first thing that we will do is suspend all ecumenical programs in the church.  We are doing this mainly because The church itself right now is suffering from a lethal illness.  A cancer that has invaded all of its body; a father needs to take care of his children and make sure they are well and well feed and healthy before he looks after strangers.  We must educate them to what it means to be Catholic, to what the Apostles and early church fathers taught.
We must make sure that the Holy Sacrifice of the is first and foremost a sacrifice and that the Mass is truly offered in a respectable way.  We will limit the number of lay people in the mass and remind people that extraordinary ministers are just that only to be used in extra ordinary times.  To help with his we will station retired priests to parishes to assist with Communion on Sundays (or weekdays as needed) and reintroduce the Communion Rail.
I will begin immediately to meet with the heads of the different religious orders to reevaluate their present laws.
Knowing that many of my people, both lay and religious, have been caught up in the tide of modernistic liberalism – drunk so to speak with the wine of it all.  I will give them the chance, on their own, to correct their mistakes. I will however use my Petrine privilege to enforce what I command of my Bishops  what I will be asking are not meant to be suggestions!  There will be NO BISHOP  that is to allow pro-abortion, pro-choice, pro- same sex politician to receive communion in their diocese.  If that happens that Bishop will be removed.
There will be no dissension from catholic universities or promoting of such.  If this continues they will be stripped of the Catholic title in their schools.
I know that the grumblings will become a loud roar from many.  I expect that many will leave the Catholic Church.  But, those that will leave are those who are not Catholic other than in name only.  And those that leave are the very ones who have been destroying the church from within.
The cancer in the church is malignant but it does not have to be terminal.  We have Jesus’ promise on that.  But we must apply a type of chemotherapy and remove what is bad to save what is good.  Stark times call for stark measurements.
But in these upcoming times I need the help of every man, women and child.  I need you to pray, pray, pray.  Say your prayers especially the Rosary and pray it daily. Satan fears this prayer.  It is a most powerful weapon….

I know this is only a dream……but I can dream this instead of the nightmare I’m afraid might happen.
May your dream come true!

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