Alligator Meat
(02-17-2013, 01:58 PM)Pheo Wrote: as also for several mystical reasons, founded on the Sacred Scriptures

The defense is held in contempt for selective quoting.

Sentence: having to eat muskrat. :puke:
Eppur si muove!
Normally I'd put you under house arrest at a villa just outside of Florence right about now (is that even a bad thing?), but somehow eating muskrat seems like punishment enough.
Alligator is a type of aquatic reptile and quite tasty too. The ribs are wonderful as is the tail and yes, it does taste something a kin to chicken. Curiously, Alligators, much like birds, have been shown to exhibit unidirectional movement of air through their lungs.

Down here in Florida, the meat is fairly easy to obtain and is a true delicacy.

:eats: Yum!  Yum!!
I second the delicoiusness of alligator.
I know a Canjun restaurant in Houston, TX that always has an alligator special on Fridays during Lent. I always understood that alligator was allowed because it was cold blooded. Historically though,  there were some periods when even fish was not allowed on days of abstinence. Also, I believe that during the 1700's one Pope prohibited the eating of fish and flesh meat at the same meal during Lent. I wonder if that was ever abrogated.
The way I was always taught was you can't eat anything that is an air-breather. I know that 'technically' it can be said that fish breathe air by filtering it out of the water with their gills, but before this was know, the other maxim applied anyway.
Do chickens give milk?
(02-17-2013, 10:28 PM)SMKMI Wrote: Do chickens give milk?

Well the French term for eggnog is "lait de poule," so...
Chickens don't have nipples. Fact

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