Future FSSP Chapel in Los Angeles?
So, after Mass today, I asked one of the priests at the FSSP parish I attend if he had heard anything about the rumor that there may be a FSSP parish ebing in established in LA, and he had heard the same thing, but nothing else. So....if true, that would be a great thing!
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Archbishop Gomez would be wise to bring the FSSP and ICK into the Archdiocese and he should turn that horrible Religious Education Association Convention over to the Catholic Answers apostolate to cleanse it.
I agree, salus. Believe it or not, the demand far outweighs the supply up there. Archbishop Gomez's battle up there could be greatly helped by letting them in. Turn them loose and watch them help his cause against the waste that has been laid to that diocese by his predecessor. Instant combat soldiers waging war on the battle lines.....
Good news, if it's true. May Mother Mary bless it.
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There's a big chance I'm moving back to Los Angeles this summer and I'm heartbroken by it because I love my current city and L.A. is such a crazy place... so it's such a relief and blessing to hear this news.
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Good for LA. Lets hope eventually tradition spreads to the suburbs. Anyone from around here knows distance doesn't give accurate drive time due to traffic.
I'm from LA and we've been hearing rumors of an FSSP parish since about last summer.  Back in September, the Una Voce LA Facebook page had this message:

"Dear Members,
Una Voce Los Angeles recently met with the Archdiocese regarding the petition to have a personal parish staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). The meeting went very well, and we will be making a public announcement about the decision at the end of the year.

Please keep this and all of our endeavours at Una Voce Los Angeles in your prayers.

God Bless,

The President and Board of Una Voce Los Angeles"

But there hasn't been any announcement yet that I know of.  It sure sounded like we were going to get a parish, but if so I guess plans are delayed.  Probably nothing will happen till after we have a new pope.  I'm glad for everyone's prayers!  We have TLMs at some parishes on Sundays in L.A., but not on weekdays.  We really ought to have many traditional parishes to cover all the territory of this far-flung and populous diocese.
(02-26-2013, 12:44 PM)oiboyz Wrote: I'm from LA and we've been hearing rumors of an FSSP parish since about last summer.

Habemus: as of June 25, 2018, St. Vitus (the patron saint of actors) opened in a former Syro-Malabite outpost in San Fernando. And sometime since, the tiny "mission" chapel of San Felipe de Jesus (under the aegis of diocesan Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Hammel St, East L.A.) was renovated after flood damage, staffed by visiting FSSP. I attend the latter as I live nearer, in Northeast L.A. The chapel is near Cal State L.A. on the south side of the 10 Freeway, exiting at City Terrace Dr., up in the hills a mile or two (tough parking).

The Ecclesia Dei site listing TLM church times is incorrect and needs to be updated. The Low Mass at the chapel is at 10 every Sunday and I am not sure how many times weekdays, rather than the listed 11 first Sun. of the month only service. The Chapel website also needs updating. You can see there meanwhile snapshots of the construction that restored the edifice to working order.

I like the High Mass at St. Therese's in Alhambra. Although run by Disca!ced Carmelites, they currently "import" a Norbertine priest singing that at 1, Sundays to a large crowd. That and a diocesan parish in Wilmington are the other two regular Sunday mass TLM outposts left in Los Angeles County, population over 10 million. (As well as the Camarillo and Thomas Aquinas College outliers in Ventura Co.) Some TLMs elsewhere have been cancelled, due to death or transfer of priests. And we have the largest of all American archdioceses. Still, I feel the humble chapel "needs" me more. It's practically all Spanish-speaking, so the sermons are bilingual. Judging from attendance, they may run out of pews soon. Which I bet has happened at St. Vitus already.

FSSP in L.A. has two priests: Fr. James Fryar (who was at St. Victor's in West Hollywood left; no TLM remains there) the pastor of St Vitus, joined by Fr. Federico Masuti. Fr. Alexander Stewart has been third on staff, but this month's not listed at the parish webpage. I had to contact the FSSP e-mail directly to figure out the current mass schedule on Sunday at San Felipe de Jesus. Glad they replied promptly and kindly--that tipped the scale their way for me!

Speaking of replies, INTJ as I am (they asked when I signed on FE), I'd welcome the chance to connect with any Angeleno fellow-travelers. I'm an isolated revert; my one trad pal who I credit for guiding me has the great fortune to walk to St. Anne's FSSP parish, thriving SRO in San Diego.
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