Prie dieu
I'd love to see pics if u can post them. How do you get one? Call local parishes and ask if the have any they don't use and would like to sell?
Oh, neat. I like the first link. I wonder if an old chair with shortened/cut off legs would work. Re-upholstered and painted.
Here is the one I have (pic is from home altar at a former house).  It is in storage at the moment as I rent small quarters for now.  I also need to reupholster the fabric sometime.

[Image: chapel_1.jpg]

I had been looking for a used one close to me for awhile.  The "store bought" ones were expensive, and because of their size they were also expensive to ship.  I've seen some metal ones at funeral homes I liked, which also folded up (so they could be easily transported to a house or church if needed for a Vigil / Rosary service there, and even placed an ad with the the state funeral director's association (in case someone had an extra or was remodeling and buying new chapel furnishings), with no luck.

One time I transported some stuff from eastern WA to the west side as a favor for a Greek Orthodox priest and his wife that I knew, and spent the night at their house in Gig Harbor.  Father was quite the scavenger and had an eye for things.  I mentioned that I was looking for a good buy on a prei dieu and if he found one I would be appreciative.  Before I left the next morning the above pictured piece was loaded onto my rig, and he wouldn't except any payment (other than that I pray for him and Presvytera whenever I used it).

It is a double, and taller than most, so it might even fit Dr. Bombay (I'd have to measure it next time I'm home at mom's).  I would like to find a single, that might fit in my current small space.
(02-26-2013, 08:19 PM)moneil Wrote: I would like to find a single, that might fit in my current small space.

There are some foldable ones that might suit you. Here is one example: This is just the first one that came up in a search; I haven't used them before. I've also seen some that are much smaller when folded, but can't find an example now.
I don't have one myself but I've made some in the past with the company that used to employ me.  The website doesn't have all of the pieces that were made during my time there but there are a couple photos to look at.

kneelers/prie dieu

I liked the pair of oak ones.  The detail work was fun to do and the client picked a color that looked great on the finished product (that picture is a little too yellow).

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