Is this the Bishop in White 3rd Secret of Fatima message
Well his take the other day was that I was reading too much into the words and that it was just the free hand thoughts of Lucia penning the third secret.

But I personally think that when the Sun moves around in the sky and 70,000 see it, then God has got the thing front and centre on his to do list.  I would hope that when Lucia penned those words that the Holy Spirit was kinda sorta dictating, so that every word and phrase had some meaning which in 100 years from now Catholics will be able to look back on and see that the whole thing was a very long planned and perfectly suited event for these times.

The expression, we had the impression it was the Holy Father has set my spidey senses tingling ever since I first read it in June 2000.

You had the impression.....hmmmmm..... So you were not sure, might have been someone had an element of doubt, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.

This is certainly interesting news.

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