Is this the Bishop in White 3rd Secret of Fatima message
(02-26-2013, 05:21 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: In all of this I'm not scared at all. Why should I be? I try to live a Catholic life as best as I can, go to confession regularly, pray often and generally keep my heart and mind loking towards the Kingdom that is "not of this world." If we are trying to live godly Catholic lives who cares what happens in this fallen world surrounding us? I don't know, I guess I have a temperament more like one of the Egyptian desert fathers than anything else. We should all pray to get in and stay in God's grace and to have a deep abiding interior life that is so rooted in the True Vine that nothing shakes our faith or our peace no matter what. In the light of eternity all that wil matter is what we did when we were on earth in a state of grace and whether or not we loved God and our neighbor for the sake of God. If we are living as we ought to be no chastisment ought to shake us from our foundation in Christ.

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