Is this the Bishop in White 3rd Secret of Fatima message
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(02-26-2013, 08:25 PM)Don Quixote Wrote:, Fr. Gruner will have a broadcast beginning at 9:15am on the 28th on ChCh (?) from Hamilton, On...what is ChCh channel?

Thanks DQ.  I just checked.  I get CHCH on channel 11 here.  Did you hear that it is going to be a live broadcast DQ?  Sometimes I get reruns of Fr. Gruner's show.  I'll have to watch it on Thursday morning at 9:15am to see.  The channels they broadcast on for different areas are listed on this page.  You might be able to pick it up on one of the other channels.  It looks like CHCH covers quite an area, even Timmins in northern Ontario.  So some northern States should be able to pick it up too, possibly Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and northern New York.

On their TV Schedule they have Morning Live scheduled from 6:00 am to 10:00 am on Thursday morning.  Maybe Fr. Gruner's broadcast is going to break into it.  Or maybe he's going to be on Morning Live.     

Hi Don Quixote.  I watched Morning Live on CHCH channel 11 this morning and it said that Father Gruner will be on Morning Live tomorrow morning to talk about the changes in the Vatican.   

The interview with Father Gruner on Morning Live this morning was short, about 5 minutes, talking about the changes in the Vatican.  Father Gruner said that he knows Cardinal Marc Ouellet from way back.  They used to play football together.  Father Gruner was born in Montreal.  Father Gruner said that Cardinal Marc Ouellet has a good chance of becoming the next Pope because he is the fourth in the running with the pundints, not the front runner.  They both agreed that the front runner is never picked.  Father Gruner said that he has talked to Cardinal Marc Ouellet a few times since he has been a Cardinal and he likes him.  Obviously they talked about Cardinal Marc Ouellet because he is Canadian but Father Gruner gave the impression that he'd be a favourable pick for Pope.  Father Gruner wouldn't have gave that impression if he thought that there wasn't a chance that Cardinal Marc Ouellet would call for the Consecration of Russia if he became Pope.             

Father Gruner said the abdication of Pope Benedict can not really be compared to the abdication of Pope St. Celestine V.  The reason Father Gruner gave is because the conclave that chose  Celestine V was stumped without picking a Pope for quite some time and then when they did they picked a hermit not suited to the position.  Father Gruner said this abdication of Pope Benedict has never happened for the same reason before in the history of the Church.

When the interviewer asked Father Gruner what was the most pressing issue in the Church at this time Father Gruner said the proper Consecration of Russia.  As there wasn't enough time to talk about it in the short interview Father Gruner directed the viewers to

The interviewer was pleasant and polite.  There was none of the regular media crap about digging dirt on the Catholic Church.  I'd have to give it to the interviewer and CHCH for an unbiased interview.

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