Canned crabmeat...
Anyone hear of or tried this?

I want to make a crab Louie or use it in Thai fried rice. Would this be good?

This pregnancy has me craving crab, shrimp and Asian food lol. I even thought of calling him Sebastian- the crab from Little Mermaid J/K
I live in Florida so I get mine fresh, but I'd find out where they get their catches from. I only get Atlantic coast or Alaskan crab and shrimp and avoid at all costs anything from the Gulf. Some suppliers get their fish from almost anyone and may have Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, who knows?

I guess I'm sayin' be cautious...very cautious with these types of sea food and sea food in general...heck! Any food!  :eyeroll:

Each of the ones you mentioned are good sources of Iodine. They say there is something to the craving and most agree that, within reason, its good to feed those craves.

Looks like the little guy needs some iodine? :LOL: More likely some good lean protein.
(03-02-2013, 03:52 PM)candyapple Wrote: I even thought of calling him Sebastian- .....

A good Catholic name! It was the baptismal name of my Rheinlander great-grandfather, Sebastian Weismüller.
I haven't found a brand of canned crab-meat that I would consider edible yet.  :'((  Fresh or frozen, if you must is the only way to go.
  I used to have a hermit crab named Sebastian.
The only really good canned crab meat I have had was from Russia.  Caught and tinned on the Kamchatka peninsula.  They were whole pieces, in brine and wrapped in paper before being put in the tin.

The crab flakes are just tasteless mush.

I have seen whole crab pieces in packets in the chiller section of the supermarket,
This is the beasty.  Also comes in a green and red tin.  Anywhere there is a Russian dispora you can find it in the shops/

Watch the sellby date on the tin.  It is expensive, at least $10 per tin, so their turnover at the little EE food shop wont be high.

Can probably buy it on the internet too.

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