Cardinal O'Brien admits to below-standard sexual behavior
Actually, to below-standard truth-telling, as well, since just days ago O'Brien (or, as he's being affectionately called elsewhere, "O'Lyin") said his only reason for retiring was to spare the Church scandal, but that he himself was innocent of the charges.

Washington Times coverage:

HuffPo coverage:

And almost anywhere on Facebook, it seems. Oh, Al Jazeera has covered it, as well. Here is what His Eminence had to say for himself:

Quote:[There had been times] “that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.

“To those I have offended, I apologize and ask forgiveness,” the statement continued. “To the Catholic church and people of Scotland, I also apologize. I will now spend the rest of my life in retirement. I will play no further part in the public life of the Catholic church in Scotland.”


Yeah. Okay so this guy, as a Bishop in his 40s, invited young seminarians over to his house for Compline or even a whole week retreat of nothing but prayer and contemplation, I'm sure, but then apparently made them perform acts they were uncomfortable with. So apparently it seems the laying on of hands isn't quite working anymore, at least not in parts of the Church, because he didn't just "make a mistake", but screwed himself (both connotations) out of a heavenly reward (which is fine since he didn't believe in such a thing anyway, as demonstrated by his behaviors). Who laid their hands on this giant embarrassment to all things Holy? That's where an Inquisition should start, at the beginning: what went wrong? Who knew they were priesting a gay boy? And later, who made him a Bishop. Who said, "Yeah, he's good, let's go with him!" They need those names, and they need to hold them responsible. And that's just the start of what they need to do.

AND then there's the best part: the priests who tried to out His Homo Eminenence said that the Papal Nuncio, this guy:

[Image: media-220317-2.jpg]

didn't want them to talk! — wanted them to shut up and protect O'Brien, "to protect the reputation of the Church".

Marvelous. Within moments of scanning the article(s), at least two high-ranking Church members pop out who clearly don't believe in God at all, or they wouldn't dare have acted as they did: O'Brien and Papal Nuncio Mennini. #Hellbound.

Why am I not demonstrating proper charity? Because O'Brien was a Bishop hitting on innocent seminarians, and + Jesus Himself has something to say about stumbling blocks and millstones and whatnot. But moreover, O'Brien's  weak, sad, godless statement today makes it seem like he believed there was a sexual standard for a priest below which he could fall. Like he didn't take a vow of Chastity! I know O'Brien had that verbal boo-boo years ago where he stated he wanted to examine gay marriage or some such nonsense, but the Vatican was on top of that! Made him release a new statement correcting himself.

That sure helped.
ohh, beat me to it lol
Quote:Why am I not demonstrating proper charity?

Who says you're not?  I say, preach it.
I'd hate to think what "above standard" sexual behavior would be.

Enough to get his name and number carved on the back of sacristy doors?
I was on FB when this broke. Then Twitter and so forth. The friendliest Catholics in the world didn't want to see that a Cardinal who'd just lied days earlier about why he was retiring, much less the despicable reason he lied for, and what that means (how long he's been working the Church like a hooker), they told me to pray for him in HIS time of trouble. Even when presented with the news articles, the "friendlies" seemed to want to protect the shamed Cardinal. I heard that O'Brien might not have had actual sexual contact, but just an accidental brush of the fingers that four different seminarians felt uncomfortable with. Even though it doesn't seem he's tried to particularly hide his predilections from priests, nor his desire to have a discussion about gay marriage.

I got sick of being told to pray for a demon. If what seems likely (head Cardinal of Britain, in the "business" for many decades as a power player, voting in the last Conclave, known by others in the top of the Church) is true, there is a very big, ugly problem rearing its head. And that the Nuncio didn't immediately hear the priests about Cardinal O'Brien, when we're in the midst of battling and overcoming that "paedo priest" scandal, was beyond the pale. The Nuncio had to know the priests would be heard (unless he'd planned something even MORE demonic that I won't write); what is up with that?! No! You run like mad to the most fitting person (a Nuncio's PRIMARY JOB), why not?!

I've heard all sorts of speculations about the Nuncio, but the bottom line is, he dropped the ball and we'll have to hear about "scandals" as if it's starting all over again. Even though the "scandal" isn't about toddlers being raped (the MSM's spin), but simply homo modernists who want to guide the Church (as O'Brien himself said, before he was "corrected"!) into both scandal and dishonor, and gather souls for Hell (which they'll soon believe in, even if they don't yet).

I am so glad we've got real priests (by Apostolic succession) (which, btw, never guaranteed them a ticket to Heaven) in the SSPX and parts of the RCC. Just in case this gets ugly. —Uglier.
Measure your tone woman.  He has confessed—publicly I might add—and apologised for his sins.  No that does not make everything all better and there are questions that need to be answered.  But you are taking your anger to sinful extremes.  He is not a demon.  He is a man that has failed.  Grievously so—but he is still all a man for that.  Christ shed His Blood equally for Cardinal O'Brien as He did for you or I and for the sake of His Sacrifice upon the cross, restrain yourself.  His sin was diabolical as all sin is, but he himself is not.  Nor have you any right whatsoever to accuse a person of not believing in God because they have sinned.  Do you believe in God?  Are you now immaculate?  Are you a contradiction to the proverb that even a just man falls seven times a day?  Because we are all sinners.  You say he does not believe in hell?  That is foolishness as you cannot know that.  And if he is truly sorry for his sins, confesses them to a minister of the Church, and does penance, then he will not see hell and it is to be prayed that he never does, that he will one day enjoy the beatific vision with the saints in Heaven.

Pray for His Eminence because as your brother and a confessed sinner he needs it.  Pray for those that he offended against with his sexual misconduct that they may know God's healing grace.  Pray for all the men and women in the Church.

I am a Scottish Catholic and I am greatly saddened and yes angered at the events surrounding His Eminence.  But this is not a time to allow one's base emotions to override the virtue of charity.

(03-03-2013, 10:23 PM)StCeciliasGirl Wrote: Like he didn't take a vow of Chastity!

He hasn't taken a vow of chastity.
I'm sorry, but I don't care if he repented for his sins..... If he did in the Confessional with a contrite heart then good for him... That is up to God to judge his soul!! 
However, I myself have been abused and sexually molested by a few homo's beyond my will! They weren't clergy, but it proves a point that gays have absolutely no business being in the priestly hierarchy of the Catholic Church!!   And, also I strongly believe that it goes hand and hand with the pedophilia problems that have infected the church over the past 50-60 years!!!  I have no use for it or this man, or others like him!!!
(03-03-2013, 11:07 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: I'd hate to think what "above standard" sexual behavior would be.

Perhaps having sex with a member of the opposite sex.

Or maybe that is just standard sexual behaviour.  Or used to be the standard at any rate.

I don't know, I am confused now myself.

What I don't get about Cardinal O'Brien and others like him, is why in the 15 years since the scandals first broke they haven't quietly slipped away into a monastery or obscurity, if they loved the Church and did not want to do it yet more damage.  They must have sensed the game was up.  When B16 was talking about filth why was this guy not examining his conscience and looking to move to Papa Stronsay?

Why remain a Cardinal until you are outed?  It's pretty likely that one of the people you abused are going to come forward and grass you up.  If this guy had resigned 10 years ago on grounds of ill health he could have had a cushy life in a Novus Ordo monastery in some leafy part of the English countryside and confessed and prayed till to his heart's content.  Then this would be a page 17 story, at best, not headline news.

Either he did not assess the risks correctly, which is kinda dumb for a man bright enough to be a Cardinal, or, he simply did not give a sh!t until he was busted and these are now almost certainly crocodile tears.
That kind of attack on innocent crocodiles is totally uncalled for on this forum!  :'((
I have no problem with your tone St CeciliasGirl. You should be able to express your anger.

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