Can a catholic use acupuncture or ayerveda? Is ayerveda based on Hinduism or is it just Indian medicine?
What natural treatments can Catholics utilize?

Ayurveda is based on the early teachings in the Vedas, which are the core of Hindu scriptures. Thus Ayurveda is strongly influenced by the religious doctrines of Caraka and Susruta. These doctrines not only outline how a practitioner must conduct him or herself, but provides diagnostic methods to be followed. Ayurveda practitioners feel a strong affinity to the mythical and religious traditions in Hinduism.

Acupuncture is not religious in nature. 

Chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, Osteopathy, vegetarianism/veganism, andenergy therapy are not generally religious in nature.  Yoga is questionable, as is Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The whole charismatic faith healing. laying on of hands and prayer services are also questionable, but if one is going to give them a try one should make sure they are Catholic in nature. 
Chiropractic is questionable too.  Medically, not religiously.  What's that you say, "Doctor?"  You're going to "adjust my spine?"  Really? 

Think I'll pass.  :bronxcheer:
A priest would be the person to ask.  I've never heard of any good reason to avoid Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I've never asked.  I've had amazing results with that, and acupuncture, and chiropractic. 
It's a good idea to at least familiarize oneself with Eastern religions so that it becomes easier to spot religious influences, especially in "exotic" Doctor Oz-style healthcare.  I took a world religions course in college, and, while it was very unkind in its treatment of Catholics (who worship Mary and a three-headed god of agriculture), the instructor was very much in love with philosophies coming from South, Southeast, and Eastern Asia.  After that I found myself picking out words as warning flags.

Watch for words like these:
And almost anything with the suffix -veda
I thought ayurveda was just herbal medicine ?  no?

I know that traditional Chinese medicine is just herbal medicine as well.  Many studies have found that some of the herbs they use do indeed have the effects that they are prescribed for (ie. turmeric, cinnamon). 
Traditional Chinese Medicine is just herbs and acupuncture. It was developed before Christianity and is based on a taoist philiosophy or eastern way of looking at life.  I think early western medicine was similar up until Descartes or modern times when people started thinking of the body and mind separately. During the cultural revolution, Mao set up TCM schools which really stamped out anyting too spiritual, buddhist, or religious. I don't think it has conflicts with Catholicism. You may find that an acupuncturist from China, like mine, is a practicing Christian and then you may find some american acupuncturists that are sort of new-agey and try to bring that sort of thing into their practice. 

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