The Next Pope / Latin Mass ... What the new Pope Should Do
(03-04-2013, 09:56 PM)GGG Wrote: Michael Voris The Next Pope and the Latin Mass

And from the Lew Rockwell article, What the Next Pope Should Do

So there's the agenda: check the power of Bishops, conveniently forget about Vatican 2, and spread information and truth again. Yes, that will require that the Pope curb his ambitions to become the world's most powerful force for political and social revolution. But when the pasture is burning, the first job is to save the sheep.

I've been thinking what Rockwell has written here for a long time. Forget Ecumenicism & converting people into the faith UNTIL we are practicing the faith ourselves. When Vat. II made all of these changes, the Catholics were thrown into chaos. WITH NO INSTRUCTIONS OR ANSWERING OF QUESTIONS, our Churches were gutted, the nuns who had taught our schools.......selflessly & well...were gone. Many of our Catholic hospitals were gone & our Mass was "streamlined" into a banal, boring, dumbed-down facimiles of the True Mass. confession was called unnecessary unless you had sinned mortally. In one year, in my city, the nuns left our Catholic hospital &, as no one else wanted a not-for-profit hospital,so it was finally torn down. We lost our Catholic Orphanage, because again--- that order of nuns  disappeared.When the year 1970 rolled around,  there was not ONE nun left in a city that once had 9 parishes............the nuns were replaced by lay people who tried hard, but had families of their own to care for.. As one of our teaching nuns told me, "I didn't leave my order, my order left me".

I was 28 yrs. old, with 4 babies & it was hard enough on me. I watched the Communion rail cut into sections & parceled out like souvenirs of an historic building that has lost it's relevance. It devastated my parents & their generation. They tried for a long time & then just quit going to Mass. Though they had sent 5 children through the school, helped with all of the parish picnics, etc. NOT ONE PRIEST NOTICED THAT THEY WERE GONE. Their minds were on the "separated brethren".

At that point, the Church should have turned to & helped it's own people. It's a little late now, but better late than never.

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