The Next Pope / Latin Mass ... What the new Pope Should Do
JoniCath, thanks for that post. You and your family's experience lines up with other experiences I've heard from folks of those generations (I myself was not around then).  For a time when pastoral sensitivity was supposedly considered such a virtue, there appears to have been absolutely none of it.   Changes were made in draconian ways, churches that people sacrificed greatly for were torn up, sacred things were literally thrown in the trash, people who clung to traditional forms of piety were berated, etc.--all with no explanations or any compassion.  It's really heartbreaking.

In addition to what you mention about the lack of care for the flock and the focus on wooing those outside, I also think a lot of it had too do with an almost blind reliance on "experts" who had no actual experience or knowledge of actual pastoring.  I started a thread a while back here, where I posted a priest's experiences during that time period (the whole thing helped me to understand at least a little why this stuff happened).  He discusses often how pastors simply deferred to the "experts."  Here's an example:

Quote:Some bishops felt much more comfortable in a discussion with accountants
and heating contractors than they did with theologians. One of the finest
and kindest bishops I ever knew, who is now long dead, actually once said in
response to a religious question, "Don't ask me. I'm not much of a theolo-
gian." This is certainly not true of all the bishops, but I suspect it was true
of some. They were made to feel inadequate to the task by experts who were
only too glad to tell them what to think and sweeping changes were made
because, "Well, this is what the experts are telling us." This is evident in
the architecture of the time.

Experts decided that churches be trashed, and Communion rails were ripped
out and Formica replaced marble. I know a contractor who told me once that
his family had prospered first by pulling all the old stuff out, and then putting
it all back in. They just had to wait until the next wave of experts weighed
in. The bishops who had been so good with brick and mortar were made to
feel absolutely unsure about the tradition of the Church.

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