The Next Pope / Latin Mass ... What the new Pope Should Do
The opposition strategy changed from outright hostility to now thinking they contain us (and exploit us). They give us Churches falling apart or in the most hostile neighborhoods, parishes with mounds of debt and are slated to be closed. Yet city after city, the result are nearly the same. A parish is saved, a Church reinvigorate, and yet they won't see it nor admit it, the pride is so very great. They dismiss it for nostalgia, well I wasn't born till the mid-80s so it ain't nostalgia for me.  I wasn't born into a Leave it to Beaver family but an extremely dysfunctional one.  The TLM is the only place where I see other males my own age, many of whom are not married, there is an abundance of children as well mixed into the crowds.  And while I do think the Novus Ordo has a future in the Church, albeit in a diminished and slightly different forml.  The future of the Latin Rite is surprise, surprise comes from its past contrary to the claims of Pope Weigel I.  The Ordinary can ignore our prayers, but God doesn't. 


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