The Next Pope / Latin Mass ... What the new Pope Should Do
The thing is, the last 50 years in the life of the Church is a blip on the radar but for the individuals that have lived through this still as yet unending crisis it is most of their lives. There is both tragedy and hope in what I said above. In truth it is hard on the ground to talk about anything being "perennial" anymore in the Latin Rite when there has been a sharp break with the traditions of the past perpetrated on the faithful by the leadership of the Church itself. That is devestating, absolutely devastating. There is a reason so many not only lost their faith they nearly lost their minds. All of a sudden the institution you thought was timeless and immovable just jettisoned nearly everything in a matter of decades with the seeming blessing of the Pope, the one who, at least in the Catholic mind, was supposed to guard the faith. All of a sudden this rock solid religious belief that seem to be built on such firm foundations was swept away like a sand castle caught in a massive wave long before high tide. I can't imagine the sense of betrayal and loss that must have been like I imagine some nearly went crazy because they had nothing left to hold on to. If the Catholic Church could collapse like that than what, if anything, was true, not the least of all the Catholic Church? As an aside I remember once reading the story of a former Catholic turned Western Rite Orthodox with ROCOR talking about how Vatican II in his mind overturned the Church of Pius XII and made it absolutely clear to him that Rome was not the true Church. This is the stuff that can happen.

The good news is that it seems like the Church is slowly recovering from this. The only thing we can do is walk on through this darkness and believe almost against what our thoughts are telling us that indeed the Catholic Church is the True Church and for some reason we have been given the grace (strange grace I know!) to live through this, the most dark time in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. In the long life of the Church this last 50 years has been hardly any time at which should give us not just some sense of hope but an incentive to honestly take the long view of things. Those who kept the Faith in this crisis will be considered heros to later generations who only read about it in the history books. This crisis will not be resolved in full till long, long after most of us in this forum are long dead and buried and hopefully enjoying the light and love of Heaven. Despite that we are right now rebuilding the faith, starting with our own familes and chapels and communities.

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