Requests for prayers for a modernist Cardinal
I did Adopt a Cardinal, come up with a doozy. My Catholic ladies group today sort of convinced me to open a FB page that they'd contribute to regarding praying for this Cardinal.

Uh, what do I pray? On my personal page, I announced my intention to pray to St. Pius X and (my patron) St. Cecilia to help me in a nightly rosary for this modernist Cardinal. Forgot how many non-Catholic friends I had.

So I started a page, thinking I could back out at any time, and named it "Prayer Intentions For..." and WHAM, it was up. So I changed the date to when Card. Bertoni asked us for prayers, linked to the Vatican document, and ...started posting like crazy (though I just adopted this Card). I've got six likes, but the trads aren't GOING to like the page (except my Catholic friends, who haven't quite liked it yet), and I need:

• a prayer for those who post nasty things about the Cardinal (as ...yeah, I see their point, but want to allow anyone but complete heretics to voice their thoughts and prayers about my adopted modernist Cardinal. A response that sounds holy! Imagine the worst charges ("He supports gay marriage and thinks it's time for a change!!!"), which I'd agree with. What might be an appropriate response to such a charge? For real?

• I can't find a prayer for the Conclave before V2  :censored: So I sound like a ...modernist, I fear.

• Is there any group I should "like" for this page besides "Catholics", "Roman Catholics" "Pope Benedict XVI" (which is actually a bit dated) and "The Remnant"? I added "[something like justice] For Father Corapi" because I found they had some very beautiful images.

• I've never run a FB page, much less for someone that was on my "to be defrocked" list, so I've been properly humbled and am trying very hard to do this correctly. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! I'd like to get us all (esp ones who also adopted this Cardinal) to pray a rosary for him at the same time; that's my intention.

Thanks! Any pointers would be great!

In Christ
:pray: :pray: :pray:
I don't use FB but I did adopt a cardinal.  I offered all my lenten good works for him (as well as other intentions) and every day I just renew the offering by repeating it.  I offer my rosaries for him (as well as other intentions) and periodically throughout the day whatever else comes to mind. 

Here's an Ave for your cardinal. :pray2:
It sounds like he desperately needs your prayers.

You, and the Church, may have been given a special gift to pray for him.
We need the Ave prayers, thank you! I've been surprised at about 3 or 4 others who looked for him and found my page and liked it! (Not my friends, but they'd adopted him too!)

Nobody's posted at all except me, though I've "liked" Catholic pages like Church Militant and Verbatim and such, and commented on those sites in the page's name (in context, not spamming for prayers); but the name of the page "Prayer Intentions for Cardinal X". And I'm sorta trying to holy the page up for my adopted modernist Cardinal (pictures of the Sistine Chapel, HUGE). And I've posted every prayer I could find for the conclave (one is just a general prayer to the H.S., but it's very good. I hadn't heard it before.) And the news bits as I get them (basically reposting other news sites, but trying to add the Cardinal's name, to make his part in it (and need for prayer) a little more relevant.)

You know his face is huge and rather well known, but I can't pick him out in a crowd of Cardinals!  :LOL: I feel so stupid, doing this page. I hope it wasn't a mistake, but I'm putting my all into it, even taking a lot of heat from my husband for praying for a Cardinal my husband does not like. (He doesn't understand.)

But I'm trying to get other Catholics to say an Ave for him, and haven't had any trolls. I got a beatitude blessing today!!! :D I was reviled (in real life) (several times) because of + Jesus, and was certainly "poor in spirit" more than once today! But once it hit me, the "blessed bes" I'd gotten, (which rarely seem to happen to me :( ), I got over my shock, and nearly squealed in delight and blessed the people who reviled me (yes, they believe me crazy, but I said I'd pray for them for blessing me so!), and then ran off thinking to give it up for my recently passed mother, [let light perpetual shine on her, amen], but maybe I should follow per_passionem_eius's lead and give my beatitude blessed be up for this Cardinal?

Should I publish it? (Not the actual reviling or anything, just that I'd been blessed with a "blessed be"?) Maybe I should publish simply that we may offer up our works and blessings for this Cardinal?

Thank you all so much! I've already been able to publish a very "unusual" soundbite I just found today from this modernist Cardinal, about both his desire for a "pastoral Pope" (ugh!) but also his national support for a hard-core traditionalist Cardinal, the latter of which had made headlines in their country! :LOL: and I definitely want to share positive news bites where I can find them.

By the way, O/T, during my research today, I found a quote from Papa Emeritus, that there had been times when he had felt the Lord was sleeping. I found that so sad.  :'((

So thank you very much for your prayers,thoughts, and ideas!  :chleader:
Ok, I'll bite...what's a "beatitude blessing"? And why are you not naming the Cardinal and linking to the FB page?
Please pray for my adopted Cardinal too:  Giuseppe Cardinal Betori, Archbishop of Florence :pray:
(03-06-2013, 11:08 PM)Allan Wrote: Ok, I'll bite...what's a "beatitude blessing"? And why are you not naming the Cardinal and linking to the FB page?

My mom used to call them the blessed bes. I'd never gotten one until my mom passed ("blessed be those who mourn, they shall be comforted) because I'm rather... yeah, not really obtaining those promises. But then, I was reproached and spoken falsely of for the sake of Jesus (FINALLY!) and so I prayed that my share of the reward (blessing) be conferred to my adopted Cardinal. As if he were the one who'd been persecuted for being Catholic! (Well, he probably gets that all the time, but I don't, so I'd thought it would be good to ask for my persecution be transferred to His Eminence, because it seemed right.)

And I'm not naming him because I don't want to advertize a FB page here. But I would note that very many Cardinals don't have FB pages to "like" or "follow" at all. If you run across a poorly-made, amateurish new page, you'll have found my Cardinal.

In fact, I was thinking that every Cardinal should have a FB page on which people could express prayers, learn about , maybe understand his current [edited] TRIALS (not "trails"), or post his videos and articles, etc. Way too big of a job for me, but at the least, I think I'm going to keep my Cardinal's page up, even  after we have a Pope, because as I've worked on his page, I've learned a lot more about him, and posted his circumstances, and even learned that he's not quite as "modernist" as his reputation suggests! (Which certainly humbled ME but good!) I've gotten to know my adopted Cardinal much better, published his words (which I have to translate, eek!), and have several praying with me for him as well, and even for his country's other Cardinals.

(Not even popular Cardinals, such as Card. Arinze, have FB pages. But the American Cardinals seem to.)

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