Help save Aquinas and More bookstore
Um...I don't want to be a party pooper...but this seems sketchy in the extreme to me.  I ran a small business for years, and we had a lot of sales and promotions and specials at odd times when cash got short, but we never just outright begged for money.  If the owner needs to raise funds, the usual way is to either borrow it or to sell equity.  Either of those is, in my view, honorable.  This places the analysis of the firms viability in the hands of others not so enamored with the business or so close to it.  This is a very healthy thing.  What is going on here now is not that, and I can only presume that, like Catholic Answers, the lure of easy money will corrupt this bunch as well, and we'll see a fund-drive for Aquinas and More every year.  Maybe two or three.

No thanks. 

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