Catholics and homosexuality
(03-18-2013, 04:00 AM)Benno Wrote: In fairness, Impy, it had gone quiet IMO because the discussion about SSA had run its course, but I didn't start the thread to be about SSA. The thread became not so much a discussion about the original issue I was raising as another thread about SSA. Jayne rightly points out that I am to blame for the tangent because of my off the cuff remarks about not understanding why even trads consider homosexuality to be a topic that needs serious discussion/ sympathy etc. That is probably evidence of me needing to pray and think about it more, which I promise I will do. For what it's worth, your posts have always stood out to me as genuinely edifying, humble, and... good! At this point in my understanding of things, I simply won't back down on my opinions because I have a real sense that there is something seriously wrong going on with the way that these issues are being thought about and dealt with even by trads. But like I said, and I mean it, I will pray and think about it especially until Easter. My prayer/ thought may lead me to a change of mind/ heart or it may make me even more uncompromising about it. We'll see.

That's very admirable of you to keep a prayerfully open mind about the possibility of changing your position, even when you recognize that it probably won't change.  It's very difficult for me to stay open to the possibility that I am wrong on issues once I become convinced that I am right, so I admire your humility.
I still feel the same way, only more so. Duh.

Here's a good one about males and females:


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