Let's get MOVING!
Too much talk, not enough W-A-L-K!

OK, I'm fired up. In that sort of mood, folks (ah, the joys of being bipolar, ha!). Anyway, while waiting for this forum to get upgraded (if my friend doing that work still plans on finishing), I'm wanting to start doing things to get the TLM set up in parishes and to get folks moving toward Tradition. To that end:

1)  I am writing a page on how to get a TLM established in your parish if your'e not already so blessed, and

2) I've come up with business cards you can get from me for free by sending me a SASE (er, a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) with postage enough to cover the weight of the number of cards you desire.  The purpose of these cards is to give them to folks you think might be interested in Tradition, and, even better, to leave them inside Catholic churches for folks to pick up. The cards are simple, with the FishEaters URL and a short message on the front, which reads:

Quote: Learn how to be a Catholic in the traditional way as encouraged by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in his motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum." Everything you need to know is here! Live your Catholic faith in the rich, ancient, beautiful way our ancestors did,. Restore beauty and reverence to your sacramental life and learn how to enrich your family life with venerable Catholic traditions.

On the back, it reads "I'm Catholic. In case of emergency, call a priest!" in plain old black and white.  I'd upload the visuals, but can't connect to my server with my FTP program right now for some weirdo reason. Keep the card back-side up in your wallet and increase the odds of receiving Unction if you get in a bad off situation.

ANYWAY, if anyone wants to join in on the particular mission of getting people to this website in order to get them thinking about Tradition and, when the page I'm writing is done, get them to try to establish TLMs in their parishes, just send a SASE with a note telling me how many cards you want.  The address to send your SASE and note to:

736 North Bosart Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46201-2955

Any other ideas to get things going in general (I will be posting this in the Catholic News sub-forum, too, so post there)? I'm sick of just talking and venting; let's ACT!


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