Resistance to the Resignation of St. Celestine, His Exhoration to the Cardinals
There is some very important information about the Resignation of Saint Celestine V in this chapter of the Audiobook, I have included an excerpt below.

"Celestine suddenly produced the deed of renunciation which, with pale face, he read out clearly to the assembled fathers. He told them that of his own accord and free will, he resigned the papacy, as his age and other defects rendered him incapable of fulfilling its duties, and he wished to put an end to further disasters, and to attend to his soul's salvation. He then exhorted the cardinals to show their care for the world by electing a worthy pastor who would lead the flock to pastures abundant and fresh, and who would correct the many mistakes he had made. Then, to the profound astonishment of the cardinals in front of him, straightway descending from the throne, he took off, one after another, the insignia of the papacy — his mitre with its crown, the red mantle, the ring, and the other pontificalia, even to the alb.  All this he did with every sign of joy. If he took the chair of Peter with sorrow, he left it with gladness.

He then withdrew, and returned wearing the simple garb of his Order, and taking the lowest step on the throne, said “Behold, my brethren, I have resigned the honour of the Papacy; and now I implore you by the Blood of Jesus and by His Holy Mother, quickly to provide for the Church a man who will be useful for it, for the whole human race, and for the Holy Land."  "

May the Conclave follow his exhortation today, though I am sure that the retaking of the possession of the Holy Land is not high on their list.

There is a lot of other fun stuff in this chapter, like 2 Mobs going to Rome to beg the Pope from not stepping down ("Stirred up by his own order)
You can listen to the chapter here

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