More black smoke: Going at least to a fourth ballot.
(03-13-2013, 01:14 PM)per_passionem_eius Wrote: Is any announcement made as to the details of the vote?  Do they announce who got the most votes or anything?

Another question.  I know this has probably never been done before and I'm not suggesting it should be, I'm just wondering why it isn't done by lot, or something, to ensure the Holy Ghost is the One who chooses. 

No details are *supposed* to be published on pains of excommunication.

The new pope will get the unsigned ballots, if he chooses to view them.

All ballots which don't produce a 2/3 majority are burned.


"Certainly, you must be informed about modern errors because preaching the truth involves preaching about distancing oneself from error; but do not make the negative, secondary aspect into the most important! Your first aim is not to fight against error but to know the truth. Your central concern should be study, your sanctification, silence, meditation, and the exercise of charity." - Archbishop Lefebvre
The suspense is making me crazy. Is it just me?
Nope.  Me too.  Come on, it's 7pm already, Your Eminences!  Finish those ballots!

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