What Do We Think of Pope Francis' First Decision?
St. Francis of Assisi would probably be the reason he took this name ("Rebuild my Church" the Lord commanded St. Francis), for his humility and holy obedience.  Francis Xavier is another reason, being that he was a Jesuit.  (By thew I am informed that this pope has nothing to do with the almost apostate and modernist Jesuit Order and follows the rule of St. Ignatius).  Francis Xavier is known as the Apostle to the Indies (brought the Faith to Japan, India and the Far East),  But there is also another Francis -- de Sales, whose Introduction to the Devout Life is a surefire predestination to salvation, who brought back thousands of the Reformers, especially the Calvinists.

Nota Bene:  We hope that this pope will put an end to the Assisi "prayer for peace" meetong, which the last pope, who ws against the first Assisi meeting, renewed the aberration last year (or the year beforfe) in "honor" of JP II.

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