A different view on our new Pontiff (Sandro Magister)
(03-13-2013, 10:43 PM)Papist Wrote: The article mentions that Pope Francis referred to Pope Benedict as "bishop" and not "pope." However, the article did not mention that Pope Francis repeatedly referenced to himself as "Bishop" and "Bishop of Rome" rather than "Pope." I wonder if he believes that the Church needs, to some degree, to be decentralized.
Our new Holy Father (trying to get used to thinking of Francis instead of Benedict) as a Jesuit is obviously against pomp and high title, and as well he has been against superiors lording their position over their inferiors especially the clergy doing so.  I think he would rather emphasize the priest as servant. Also EWTN commentator said that "pope" or "papa" is not an official of the Bishop of Rome but rather an nickname given by the faithful.
It also seems he's for decentralization but not democratization of the Church. Basically I think he'd rather have priests take the Gospel to the people. He's a real Francis, if you will.

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