Will Pope Francis Deny VP Biden Communion?
Inquiring minds want to know...
It would be nice if he did deny him communion as a show that it will NOT just be business as usual.
He will if he is tue to what he has said
Personally, I hope Biden doesn't go up.  That would be a true miracle.

Case solved.

Thread answered.


Is Biden going to be attending a Papal Mass soon?

Or is this just another stick-a-knife-in-Pope-Francis thread?
Pope Francis is rumored to be having his installation Mass on Tuesday, and Vice President Biden will be leading the United States' delegation.


What ever happened to charitably interpreting (giving the benefit of the doubt) the posts of others?
What if Biden goes to confession before hand? Surely he'd be allowed to receive communion in that case. However, it doesn't mean his confessionwould be sincere.
As hard as it would be on the Catholics present, I sometimes wonder if it might be better to have no one receive from the country delegations and avoid all the problemsof sorting who should receive from those who shouldn't. Do they have people to watch out that the delegation from Burundi, say,  doesn't receive his First Holy Communion by mistake?
(03-14-2013, 02:33 PM)St. Drogo Wrote: Inquiring minds want to know...

I apologize, St. Drogo, for asking if Biden was going to be attending a Papal Mass or if this was just another stick-a-knife-in-the-new-Pope thread, though I wasn't suggesting that the OP was sticking a knife in Pope Francis, anyway.

I did not know that Biden was supposed to attend the Installation Mass or I wouldn't have asked.

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