Pope Francis Has Written to Fr. Gruner
Fr. Gruner writes to every Bishop in the world on a regular basis.  He has a mailing organisation and email server that would make a Nigerian 411 scammer turn from black to green.

Here is a more reasonable supposition. 5 years ago, for the sake of argument, Card. Bergoglio gets a nicely printed package of information on Fatima in English and Spanish and his office write back in the Cardinal's name saying "thank you", having not investigated Fatima.org or one of the other several other dozen URLs Father Gruner controls.  Gruner writes a personal letter to the Cardinal, CTRL C, CTRL V, change the address, Dear ...., as I am sure he would, (just ask Doctor Bombay).

The Cardinal himself perhaps, being a simple man and not having a large staff, reads the letter from this Canadian priest who seems pretty sincere talks about the Rosary and the message of Fatima.  Not being an English speaker he cannot Google Fr. Gruner very easily and get the full picture on him.  He thus writes back another pleasant letter thanking Fr. Gruner and encouraging him in his work as these polite but relatively meaningless responses tend to do.

March 14th 2013 comes around.  Fr. Gruner and Christopher Ferrara have studio time already booked to make their video and thousands of financial contributors waiting to see what he will say.  A dark horse Pope has been elected, there is little confirmed information on him.  Fr. Gruner goes to his files and pulls out a couple of positive sounding letters that don't really amount to anything since Cardinal Bergoglio did not know to whom he was responding.

Fr. Gruner and Christopher Ferrara make a video interview padding out the scant information they have and putting a positive spin on it.  Like Michael Voris they have a subscriber base and know which side their bread is buttered.  It pays them to be cautious and extenuate the positive.  The resulting video is above.  It's a puff piece while they wait for something more.  And they have to put something out or some of their donations end up going to Michael Voris.  They are in the media business after all and there is competition.

Even if Pope Francis turns out to be the worse Pope in the history of Christendom, neither of them are going to be called-out on this video, because their peers are toeing the same positive-spin line and there is so much of this stuff out there that nobody would care that they called it wrong.  Plus they would simply play the "I was being charitable card" and most of you would accept that, as is evidenced by the responses on this forum.

If....Cardinal Bergoglio has written a letter to Fr. Gruner which makes it CLEAR that he considers Gruner's suspension unjust and invalid or The Consecration of Russia to be suspect or uncompleted and encourages Fr. Gruner to keep up the good fight, despite his questionable incardination situation, then I will not only eat my hat and make a public apology for my critical thinking, since I think he is an excellent priest and a good man, but also donate his Fatima Apostolate $10,000 and scan the receipt he sends me in and publish it on this website as proof.

No skin off my nose, because I have donated him plenty of money in the past.

But basic common sense tells me he does not have a single letter like that from the now Pope Francis.  Because Cardinals who pray with Jews and hold Barney the Dinosaur masses (FACTS) don't believe in Gruner's version of Fatima or anything like it.
You missed your calling. You should have been a Hollywood script writer, science fiction perhaps.
Whatever I am.  I am not the problem.

Shoot the messenger all you like, but it won't make the problem go away,

The only way the "problem" will go away is for the consecration to be finally done the correct way.
He's an ecumaniac.  He's the last person who will do it.

It would piss the Orthodox off, no end.
A subjective opinion, we shall see.
Right.  So the Bishop of Rome decides that Russia needs a special consecration and his fellow Bishops, many of whom have child sex scandals and homosexual scandals and cover ups to their names, help to say this special prayer.

You can't see the Orthodox Church being somewhat offended at the idea that they need consecration by the Roman Catholic Church.

It think they would be VERY pissed off.
Nevertheless, it will happen. We have the Blessed Mother's promise.
Yes, we do.  But we know nothing of how.
(03-15-2013, 11:23 AM)ggreg Wrote: Whatever I am.  I am not the problem.

Shoot the messenger all you like, but it won't make the problem go away,


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