Pope Francis DID NOT Kneel Down to Get Blessing From Protestants
(03-15-2013, 10:58 AM)MRose Wrote:
(03-15-2013, 10:53 AM)ggreg Wrote: 2 minutes on Google and I have already found a site with a photograph of the priest blessing Cardinal Bergoglio, being blessed by a man in a shirt and tie.  One would assume therefore a Protestant minister.

So as I correctly guessed an ecumenical love-in

Matt, needs to do more research.  And you need to be a little more objective in your thinking nmoerbeek


[Image: creces2.jpg]
Thank you, ggreg. I had already decided upon canceling my subscription to The Remnant when it is up, but they keep encouraging me. Mr. Matt is also apparently unaware of the real situation around his response to Summorum, or chooses to ignore it. This is something that even bi-ritual Fr. Finigan of www.hermeneuticofcontinuity.blogspot.com, has posted.

Didn't take more than a single Google search on the two names  [bergoglio Cantalamessa].  Michael Matt obviously just wanted to post his propaganda and couldn't give two-sh!ts about the truth.

Google translate that rccarqba site and you can see the modernist progressive scum-bags that the Cardinal associates with.

Father Cantalamessa, is being blessed by protesant pastors Omar Cabrera Jr. and Norberto Saracco for the record.

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