Pope Francis DID NOT Kneel Down to Get Blessing From Protestants
    I am really worried, but not for the same reason most I have read here are worried.  I am worried because it seems many people are forgetting the words of Jesus the the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church and as long as the Holy Father does not try to change doctrine and dogma, allow and encourage same sex marriage, allow and encourage the use of birth control and abortion and allow for the ordination of women, and maintains the current course and does clean up the Church and the sex abuse that has happened in the past and remind everyone that all men are on earth in a spiritual journey and all are subject to fall unless they keep their eye on Heaven, why is anybody worried?  He has so far done nothing that would indicate he is anything other than an honorable man, and what should we make of him not using the Papal Limo and taking a VW (he used to take the bus) and paying for the room (with the money he had when he arrived in Rome for the conclave) should be taken in the light they are offered, he is not using his position, but is humble and trying to set an example (maybe) and we really need to wait and see what he does for the Church.  Look at what he does and not what may or may not have happened before he came to Rome for the conclave.  I think we should be praying for him to sweep the church clean of the immoral influences and return the Church to Her roots and that has to start with the religious who are the "progressive" end of the world which is anti-Christian, pro-Socialism and pro-Islam.  There are many peoples trying to divide the Church which Jesus Christ established and there are people here (good people) who are falling for the divide to multiply reasoning of the Baptist tradition without realizing it. They see the Church today as Trad and NO.  That is the wrong attitude, WE are one Church with two distinct ways of worshipping Jesus and the Father through the Holy Spirit.  I prefer the Latin and Traditional Mass, but it is not to be found around where I live and thus I must to avoid committing Mortal sin attend the NO and any church around here,  As long as there are no blatant violations of the proper of the Mass, I will attend because I have too.  If he requires all parishes to provide TLM for the parish and those who wish to attend and to do this in a way as to not change that which is currently in place and their obligation to the parish(s) to which they are assigned, I would attend TLM in a heartbeat and not think twice about it. He was raised in the Latin Mass and has shown signs of being very more traditional that most are seeing.  We have to allow the Holy Spirit to guide this man who has a very difficult position and job.  He is our Shepard and the Vicar of Christ.  We need to see where he is leading us and only then can we decide, but we must have the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our decision as He (the Holy Spirit) will never lead us in the wrong direction, but we must be sure it is the Holy Spirit and not the adversary.

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