Pope Francis DID NOT Kneel Down to Get Blessing From Protestants
(03-15-2013, 04:20 PM)Ursus Wrote:
(03-15-2013, 03:52 PM)The Curt Jester Wrote:
(03-15-2013, 03:38 PM)Ursus Wrote: What happens, seriously? Do people like him get banned and the rest just twiddle thumbs and say nice things?

The majority of what he has said could have been condensed in a few posts.  He chooses to constantly find new ways to repeat himself in a variation of the sarcastic tone.

Condensed? Why so it gets buried and ignored. And all the other posts of simply ignore the past and pray. Just think nice thoughts, be charitable.

Being charitable has its limits. We have to defend our faith because who else will? There is active evil in the church. There is active evil, wolves in the highest offices. We can't simply ignore it.

I'd seriously question whether such methods have ever been even a teeny bit successful.  Playing the parrot might work if you've got control of the major media and can keep something in front of people's eyes indefinitely but for the rest of us, it accomplishes little.  After seeing the same content re-posted by the same people in a couple different threads I was only tempted to ignore them.

Brilliant arguments become tiresome when repeated non-stop.  Lame arguments do not become convincing when presented repeatedly.

I also wish the words "charity" and "charitable" were used in the proper manner.  The statement that "being charitable has its limits" makes no sense unless one is going by a false definition of charitable.  Even when pointing out errors in another person's actions, charity is mandatory.  In fact, "fraternal correction" is included in the definition of charity.  The core issue here is motivation.  Is the fraternal correction motivated by the love of God or love of self?  Is it spoken in a manner that tempts others to anger or reflection?

Something that is important to understand is that ridicule, sarcasm and derogatory language are never tactics successfully used by those wanting to convince others of the truth.  People that use them are sometimes successful at convincing others of their own superior intellect but that's not the goal here is it?  Sometimes people think that these methods can be used to defend the Faith but they don't work.  They creates a lot of noise but in the end, only serves to drive others away before they've had a chance to see the point.

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