The Positive Priorities of Pope Francis' Pontificate
(03-15-2013, 01:38 PM)Might_4_Right Wrote: After much reading, I've come up with a positive list of what I think will be the Pope's priorities:

• He will begin an aggressive cleanup of the moral corruption;  i.e., the homosexual mafia.

• He will be a relentless advocate for the materially poor and spiritually poor.

• He will begin a renewed emphasis on moral formation of the clergy.

• He will NOT hinder or undermine the freedom that Pope Benedict granted to the traditional Latin mass.

• He will make a priority of the Catholic Church's New Evangelization campaign.

• He will renew the teaching of the Catholic Catechism, especially for the young.

• He will speak clearly about the spiritual warfare that surrounds us.

• He will reorient the Church towards the battle with the Materialist and Moral Relativist.

• He will take a more active roll in the management of the Church's ordinary governance.

• He will inspire a deeper devotion to Our Lady.

• He will be more open to God's will because of his deep prayer life, and this may bring a few unanticipated actions that will surely catch many by surprise.

Hear! hear!

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